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Ladies Who...



Born in the North and happily living in the South, Beth describes herself as a cajun snowflake.  She lives by the motto, give more than you take.

Her greatest achievements are her three daughters.

She has a deep love for board games, dancing, and is exceedingly curious.

Beth can quote her favorite movie "Young Frankenstein", verbatim. 

Bringing women together and supporting them in their journey is the central focus for Beth's involvement in The Ladies Who... 

"Dancing is a gift, sharing it is divine!"-Me.

Bishop TLW


A Southern Belle by birth, Bishop has moved around the Southeast, until finally landing in New Orleans. She crunches numbers by day. But by night, she channels her inner Terri Gross to ask insightful, thought-provoking questions of EVERYONE. 

Always looking for the good in others, Bishop constantly hears her mother’s voice saying “remember who you are” in everything she does. 

Bishop loves talking about the things that affect women today – relationships, careers, personal growth and spirituality. She hopes to bring more light and love to The Ladies Who... and all the listeners!  



Christa represents The Ladies Who with a Southern Charm that’s uniquely hers, she can be described as sassy, compassionate, and soulful. Christa has a fabulous husband and two fantastic daughters who are the joys of her life. She enjoys reading, relaxing with loved ones, and girl talk! With a deep abiding faith in God, Lady Christa pursues each day with hope, and a belief that this journey called life is full of winding roads that will teach us valuable lessons to share with each other. Sharing this journey with women around the world is her goal with The Ladies Who!