Spring is Here!

Hello Ladies and Lady Loves!

We are so happy to have you joining us at The Ladies Who! We feel we are forming a family here with our listeners and we want to thank you for joining us. We want to hear from you, so please write to us!  You can email us at hello@theladieswho.com or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

We have some exciting things coming for the month of March! It begins with some new and interesting guests. First, we talk to Life Coach Cindie Chavez about how women over-apologize.  Why do we do it and what does it mean when we do? Cindie gives some insight on the subject and offers tips on breaking the habit.  Cindie is a Love & Magic Coach and specializes in dating guidance. You can find her at www.cindiechavez.com.  We may even have something in store with one of our own when it comes to Cindie's dating advice.  So stay tuned...

We are also bringing in our Little Ladies to talk about being a young woman in today's world. Lady Christa and Lady Beth invite their daughters into the studio to share the ups and downs of adolescence and the pressures they feel in their day to day world. They even give their moms a tip or two on how they are doing! It's going to be a tear jerker for sure...

Back by popular demand, the Ladies are revisiting Friendships. Episode 1 on Friendship barely scratched the surface and we heard from many of YOU who wanted to know more on this topic!  So Lady Saree reached out to some girlfriends to get insight on our hosts and the Ladies expand on how girlfriend relationships can be challenging as they evolve through different stages of life.

And FINALLY, to Lady Saree's delight, we get around to our 2nd Book Club installment, "Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-lived and Joyful Life" by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. It truly becomes an exercise in finding what your strengths are and how to use them to create the best career for yourself. Allison Schiller from the Tulane School of Architecture guides the Ladies through the book as they explore the lessons learned. Even Lady Say got into it...

So we have that and much more from the women, as they recover from Mardi Gras and prep for a beautiful spring of new and exciting things! Join us!