Links from EP 56: Saving Money and Time at the Holidays

Myrie Burvant lifestyle expert extraordinaire.

Myrie Burvant lifestyle expert extraordinaire.

We had a fantastic time speaking with Myrie Burvant, organizational, expert shopper and time saving goddess. We got a TON of feedback from you our listeners, wanting specific links to the items she highlighted on the episode, as well as the gift ideas we provided for our dear Thomas’s question.

Your wish is our command!

Gift recommendations for a three year old girl.
A teacher chalk board/easel
A puffy small chair

Internet codes and coupons:
Retail Me Not

How does Myrie make a dollar store item look like a million bucks?
Nope, it is not the fussy English sport! The CRICUT

Thank you to Myrie for all of her wonderful suggestions!

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