EP39: Talkin' About Sex

You will want to pop in your ear buds and enjoy this episode in a private place, maybe with a glass of wine. When should you talk to your children about sex? How can you promote a healthy sex life? Did you know there is such a thing as sexual weightlifting? The Ladies invite Sex Therapist, Davondra Brown to answer all of our intimate (and at times graphic) questions about sex. http://www.spicedupshop.com

1:08- Bish’s Sex Voice
4:14- Mother nature on our minds
11:26- Bring in the expert: Davondra Brown
26:40- Advice on when to talk about sex to your children
33:39- Older couples are hitting it!
38:06- Sexual weight lifting
39:30- 5 Tips for improving your sex life

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Lady Beth