EP22: Mental Healthy

Change is hard. Transitions are hard. The Ladies Who reach out to therapist Dr. Mary Kathryn Rodrigue of the Wellness Studio, to discuss understanding and thoughts on grief, depression and general mental well being.  Her inspiring story of life, death, love and hope offers us all a glimpse to the path towards a healthy life.  Find her on the podcast: The Waiting Room -Podcast225 or her website: http://surprisinglywell.com

1:31 Hubbie did not like the “B” word

4:12 There are layers to all of us
5:13 Dr Mary Kathryn Rodrigue of the Wellness Studio
14:12 The stigmas of mental health
18:40 Stages of grief
28:46 Which Lady Who is off the market?35:48 Recognizing your people

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