EP24: Mardi Gras 101

Happy Mardi Gras Ya'll!  This is arguably the best time of year for us New Orleans locals.  The Ladies Who wanted to take you on a tour of how we do Mardi Gras, the sites, sounds and traditions of this deeply cultural, generally, non-naked filled celebration! Dr Baraka Perez sits in the guest hostess chair again, this time covered in glitter and bead necklaces.

1:32 Boobies? "Nothing to see here guys"
3:15 One day of parades? Oh dawlin’ we do dis for 2 weeks!
7:22 Bands are my favorite
9:38 Farewell to flesh
12:56 What is a flambeaux?
21:02 “OMG is love your glitter lipstick”
28:17 Cameron repatriated a ladder!

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