EP26: Design Thinking

Do you feel stuck in a job you hate? Are you green with envy with people around you who appear to be self actualized? Do you ask yourself questions like who am I supposed to be? Why don’t I feel fulfilled in my career? You are in luck! The Ladies Who invite Design Thinking Tulane Professor, Allison Schiller into the studio, to serve as our tour guide through the book, “Designing Your Life, by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. We reframe expectations, learn to prototype, and develop new ways of looking at our paths.


1:35 a pop of color

6:53 Welcome Allison Schiller: Tulane University

17:41 A Lot of people are fumbling

22:16 Let’s reframe that

31:10 Who you are is exactly where your strongest points are

51:45 I’m down the wormhole of black wedge sandals.

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Lady Beth