EP52 Season 3: The Power of 3

Welcome to Season 3: the Power of 3. The Ladies are back in the studio with bigger and better episodes, talking about things your momma never did, sharing secrets like sisters.  We get updates from the Ladies, and Thomas in this organic episode. The Ladies weigh in on events of the day, highlighting the National Sexual Assault hotline 1-800-656-HOPE.

:14 Welcome to Season 3
2:15 Nature of Season 3-Organic
2::40 Bishop is an SEC girl
4:44 Christa has been overserved
7:58  Beth is happy to not have had a colonoscopy
10:24 Thomas has a baby!
22:28 New stuff for Season 3 “What we are into”
       Beth: Pistachio Black Tea from Teasource https://www.teasource.com/products/pistachio-shortbread
      Christa:  Diffuser with Rose scents
       Bishop: Hair wands
40:07 Non-Profit Highlight: Rainn.org
       National Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-HOPE

Thank you to Lucky Day for our theme song, by the Jingle Punks, and the Greylock by the Blue Dot Sessions for our atmospheric tunes.

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