EP47: The Motivational Maven - Laquita Brooks

The Motivational Maven - Laquita Brooks - joins The Ladies Who to talk about creating a vision for your life and how to enact it.  Laquita Brooks can be found at www.stopwaitingdoitnow.com/laquita-brooks/ and on Facebook as Laquita Brooks and Instagram as MrsBusinessWoman

2:46 Hippie Child Thomas and his smell
9:37 Meet Laquita Brooks - The Motivational Maven and founder of StopWaitingDoItNow.com
13:34 Three components to "Shifting All Over Yourself"
18:02 What does your Vision Board say about you
21:30 Get uncomfortable
26:14 Pivot Point

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Thanks to Jingle Punks for use of their song "Lucky Day".

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