EP63: Aging Parent Dilemma

Seeing your parents age is tough! When Lady Beth experiences a couple of back to back incidents with her family, she turns to the Ladies for guidance and support. What has your experience been with your parents though their elder years?

1:37 Christa’s Black Girl Magic
6:30 The back story
10:40 How Christa’s family helped Granny.
18:36 7 tips from Dailycaring.com
22:00 Starting the conversation
26:05  Non-Profit Highlight: The National Council on Aging
Their mission is to improve the lives of millions of older adults, especially those who are struggling. To create a just and caring society in which each of us, as we age, lives with dignity, purpose, and security.

This episode is brought to us by Basic’s Underneath, where every body is beautiful!

Thank you to Lucky Day for our theme song, by the Jingle Punks, and Greylock and their song Skittle for infusing  lighthearted music to our episode

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