EP38: Breasts the Film

The Ladies Who talk with Eva Contis and Kerry Cahill about their project, Breasts the Film. Contis, an award winning producer and editor, wrote the script based on her experience as a mother.  Cahill, known for her role as Dianne on The Walking Dead, produced the project, which looks at the challenges and expectations of breast feeding in the work place. www.breaststhefilm.com 

1:20 Get on board with the singing or keep your comments to yourself
10:40 Welcome Eva Contis and Kerry Cahill
14:25 I was like a Guernsey man!
18:10 I was a laser light show of milk
23:28 And that's the Nike thing - you just gotta do it
38:18 We're going to have a cry out girls!
40:25 Follow Breasts the Film on www.seedandspark.com

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